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Here are some testimonials from previous clients post treatments.






Knee Injury - Pre & Post Surgery

'I would highly recommend Tristan as a therapist. He has successfully treated three members of my family over the last couple of years. He is very professional and really knows what he’s doing. My sixteen year old son recently had an issue with his hip after a rugby injury. Tristan fixed the problem in one session and my son says he no longer feels pain and his hip feels like normal again.'

Sports Massage

“Tristan has been so brilliant with both me and Ali, we both struggle with tightness from time to time from endless running and cycling. Tristan always knows what the issue is and can explain to us why the tightness may be happening and give us exercises to resolve it. He is so professional and a brilliant therapist, he exceptional in the field of body mechanics and we couldn’t recommend him enough” 

Hip and Shoulder Issues

I would highly recommend Tristan. I have been going to see him for several years, from when I started to increase my mileage to run marathons and niggles developed into more serious problems with my hip, and, at one point, a torn calf. Through the sessions themselves with Tristan, as well as all the advice and rehab exercises he has given me to do at home, these issues have been sorted out and I have gone on to run more marathons! I trust Tristan completely, he is extremely knowledgeable and has a strong moral code. If he can fix you in one session, he will


Rowing Back Injury

‘Tristans deep knowledge and considerable experience in the field of Sports related injuries, delivered in a positive and uplifting way, enabled our son Matthew to fully recovery from a debilitating lower back muscle sprain.


Tristan quickly identified the problem and the need for him to strengthen his ‘Core’ resulted in the development of a comprehensive Gym program enabling him to retain his seat in the boat.


Can’t recommend Tristan more strongly as someone to trust implicitly with any sports or life style injury.’

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