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Getting Better Together

I am a certified Sports Therapist based in Brackley and Oxford.

I have worked in sports, fitness and within the wider health service for 12 years, starting off as a Fitness Instructor an Army PTI and a Personal Trainer. Before branching off into working for the health service running an exercise on referral scheme where I was treating clients with issues such as back, knee, hip and shoulder problems, arthritis, cardiac problems and other medical conditions. I also at the same time did diplomas in Pilates and Yoga so I could incorporate these into the rehab plans and run classes.

I have since that point done my sports massage diploma, a sports therapy masters and opened up my own clinics, so I can treat clients privately. I’ve recently been doing lots of CPD courses such as Running Gait Analysis, Shoulder and Hip Master Classes and Spinal Mobilisations to expand my skill set even further.

In my free time, I like to play sports, I used to do a lot of martial arts and team sports but now mostly I enjoy Running and Cycling, in my time doing these I’ve had pretty much every injury you could name which I think actually helps a lot when it comes to treating injuries.  

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