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Level 5 Sports Therapists and Soft Tissue Therapists have been recognised and upgraded by the government to Healthcare Professionals, which puts the qualifications in alignment with Osteopaths, Physitherpists and Chriopractors. This means I am still able to provide healthcare appointments during this lockdown.

There will be some different protocols in place, I have taken down the online booking page as if you need or would like an appointment or any help at this time please just use the send me a message at or use the contact page.


Prices are based on a  1, 3 & 5  session structure

PRICE £50 (Includes full analysis and videos of the results of the assesments and all the corrective exercises and advice from the session/s)

This has been put in place as I believe individual sessions are not as beneficial as continuous treatments.

Multiple treatments are often needed to achieve the desired outcome and this gives the opportunity for clients to invest in that, at a discounted rate.

Don’t forget also you can take advantage of the LOYALTY SCHEME which in effect gives a free treatment after every 5 sessions and also the PICTURE & STATUS bonus to give further discounts (scroll down to the bottom of the page or click here to see more)



Sports Massage & Routine Treatment

Pre & post event, maintenance; also includes minor niggles & muscular pain e.g. a calf pull, hamstring, quad strain anything that just requires massage to treat.

Sports Massage / Routine Treatment x1               £40

Sports Massage / Routine Treatment x3              £

Sports Massage / Routine Treatment x5              £


SportsTherapy - Injury Treatment

The Sports Therapy Rate is for treating injuries and is slightly more expensive as it usually requires initial and on-going assessments plus the extra time for me to write up treatment/rehab plans outside of the session. Injury treatments sessions Include; shoulder pain and movement issues, back pain, runners knee, ITB issues.
If an injury becomes routine maintenance then the session price will go down to the sports massage price.

Sports Therapy / Injury Treatment x1               £

Sports Therapy / Injury Treatment x3              £

Sports Therapy / Injury Treatment x5              £

If in doubt as to which category you fall into please just email:

The Running Assessment Programme - This is a service I've introduced because of client demand, often in analysing a clients sporting injury its importnat to see how they move, with this programme I have taken that one step further. We do a full gait analysis on the treadmill and also a sequence of moves and assessments to see if there are any imbalances, muscle stength issues, discovering which araes are strong or weak and then we can start to discuss startegies to correct this and begin to coach new  mvement patterns all based on improving technique to enable you to runa nd move better and ultimately reduce your injury risk.



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